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Poster: DrewD Date: Mar 2, 2016 3:37pm
Forum: sflan Subject: Re: Is anyone still involved with Richmond network?

Prendiville, thanks for your thoughtful and complete detail in the post above. I'm in the "North and East" neighborhood of Richmond, near the Wilson School and volunteer fire station. I'm about 1.18 miles from the Florida IA tower. (using this calculator: I own a multi-story structure, one of the few in the entire area. I believe by the maps and guesstimates that I have a mostly clear line of sight.

I'm a pretty technical guy, I've built my own computers from scratch, not to be on the "bleeding edge," just for fun. I also caught some good gear on sale and set up a decent network on the cheap. This whole concept is curious to me. I'm interested in seeing if I can get a Tier 2 or 3 setup on the roof, as I think that would be the clearest line of sight (or perhaps the wall above the windows facing the tower). Problem is, I'll need help. I've never attempted anything like this before, it seems just out of reach. I've read up on it and can't quite get it. Can you assist? I have an open ended timeline.

I set this to notify me if / when someone replies to the thread.

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Poster: prendiville Date: Apr 13, 2016 12:53pm
Forum: sflan Subject: Re: Is anyone still involved with Richmond network?

Drew, sorry for the late response. Did you ever get set up? I'm not sure if I have much more to offer in terms of direction. I manage a connection, but do not get great speeds most of the time. Particularly at what I think are "peak" hours, the connection crawls down to almost being nonexistent.

It could be that the network is not able to keep up with demand in the area overall, or it could be that there is something wrong with my settings, but have no way of knowing. My experience is that there is not a lot of information sharing regarding the project. (Or I haven't found it.)

Forget streaming video or audio, I generally only use the network for kind of passive downloading files. Individual web pages often take a long time to load, or fail to the point of frustration. For anything work related, I go to the library, or tether a smart phone when I have that option.

I recently received a wifi security camera that I might install/try out relatively soon, which I'm guessing will necessitate going back to Comcast. I'd love to learn more about these networks and do whatever I could to help improve them, but it's beyond me at this point.